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Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
The window net just looks ridiculous. The cage is make belief yes it is real but come on... right... a track car lol... and that music is dumb
I really don't get all the negative comments. This guy wanted to build a car to race in NASA (in which there are already tons of 911s) and this is a very nice build by one of the best BMW shops in the country. Its his money so no one needs to debate the better options. I myself wouldn't do this to my ///M but its cool to see something different, its cool to see the possibilities out there. I myself would like to see the kind of lap times this car could put down compared to a stock e92M

Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
^ both responses representative of the typical M3 owner...

Perhaps your not jealous of the mods, weather you think they are major or minor, within your financial grasp or not, but jealous of the attention this car is getting over you and your car.

Otherwise your response might have been "nice" or something positive.

Just thinking outside of the box, enough M3 owner psychology for tonight...
^A good response, maybe some of you could be a little more open to something different rather than railing on the owner/idea b/c its not the route you'd go with your car. Not every M3 owner has to throw a set of heavy ass 20" wheels on their car.

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