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I def remember that. I was pissed myself. Alonso is my favorite driver. I turned off the race yesterday after that whole fiasco. They are barely selling tickets as it is for the Valencia race. With no Alonso it's going to be pretty weak. I personally think that there is a little bit more to the expulsion of the next race than we know.
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Remember last year when Kaz Nakajima put Alonso retired from the Valencia race....people started to leave and go home.... someway the FIA is was Renault's fault not to secure the wheel...back in couple years ago would be just a $$$ fine to the team (probably 50,000 Euros...or watever)....

but given from what happened from the past two weekends.....FIA is eager to have an opportunity to set an example to other teams.....

if that's the case....why dun they punish Brawn GP as well...they had a spring fell out and injured a fellow driver....

please...give all the teams the same treatment....punish both at a same level or punish none....