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Originally Posted by mvagusta View Post
Thanks I'll look into it.. I'll watch the ses. Plus I'll dilute it more tomorrow with the rest 7 gallons of 93 unleaded. But I'm going to call them first and ask them. I seen the turbo blue 115 octane on there website. Thay sell it in unleaded 115. I believe it's called 115 turbo blue octane advantage which is a unleaded. So I'll find out. Thanks for the tip.
Never heard of 115 octane UNLEADED race gas before...

The highest verified octane UNLEADED race fuels I've ever seen offered, are VP MOTORSPORT 109 and SUNOCO 260 GT PLUS UNLEADED (109)

It will be interesting to see if this 'Turbo Blue' company knows something about formulating race fuel, that the VP and SUNOCO engineers don't...
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