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Originally Posted by mvagusta View Post
I'm going to look around here in Michigan for someone to dyno. I'm going to try 115 and 104 and 93. If there is a 30 plus increase (pc). Can you imagine. I have the pulley, rpi,airfilter, plus I'm in the works for hfc encore system. With the stock number of 414hp plus the 30 octane and 8 or 9 pulley and rpi 10 and the encore for 25 to 30 and the filter 5 or 6. 500 hp? hahaha. I'd be nice to add everything like this. But we'll see a dyno..
Great stuff.

If you use a Dynojet your stock baseline probably would have been between 330 and 340-hp. I think you're other mods will be worth 20-30 hp and 100-octane gas will be worth another 30+ hp. Ideally you'll be able to do runs at 93, 104 and 115-octane. (you don't have 100?). I feel pretty certain that you'll lose with 115 such that it'll be less than at 93. At 104-octane I think you'll beat your 93-octane baseline, but I'm suspecting that 100-octane might give you even more hp.

Believe me, I know that dyno runs are not free, but it's really useful info. If you show that 115 is less than 104, then you might want to mix 93 and 104 to try to approximate 100 in order to find the max hp sweet spot.

Anyway, thanks for your interest. Even if the project takes a few months, it'll produce really useful data. I'd do it myself, but my high altitude results aren't relevent at sea level.