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Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
Wow, those two wheels are about as different as you can get.

I guess it all boils down to what you really like to buy. (personal preference)

The RAC wheel is superior in build construction to the DPE wheel. No multi-piece wheel can compete with a 8000 TON Monoblock forged wheel like the one in the group buy. So right there RAC has the clear build construction advantage.

Now the other consideration would be COST.

How much does DPE want for the wheels you want to buy?

It's very likely those DPE's will cost you more, but I'll wait for your response on that first...

It would also help if you would list a few wheels that you have purchased in the past few years. (name brand & sizes)

By the way, after we spoke via PM about the RAC Group Buy, did you at least get your info submitted and confirmed by Chuck?

Time is running out...
Hey thanks, yeah Shep basically posted that he will know Monday so I have to submit info tonight and hope for the best.. if I go for the RAC's

Back to the post topic... I know they are far apart style wise but price wise they are in the same ball park....

I was all but decided on wheels, DPE's, until last friday night, I decided to check out what others were doing in the "Wheels and Tires" section... didnt even bother to check before then.. Thats when I ran across the RAC thread... I didnt have any previous knowledge about the RAC's though Im very familiar with the NEEZ wheels, which got me thinking...

Ahhh! decisions!

Im waffling back and forth so bad.. I've wanted a great looking steplip for awhile now, but the thought of the quality of RAC wheels is making it hard for me to decide..