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Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
You guys got me thinking now... I really like the PS2s as far as corning grip goes, maye I'll just go with 275 PS2s.
285/30/19 will work better for off the line performance, but the 285/30/19 PS2's are also hella expensive.

The 275's will also work better than the stock tires, just not as well as the 285/30.

FYI: Make sure you upgrade to 275/35/19 tires and not 275/30/19 tires.

The 35 sidewall will give you better ride comfort. This is something you rarely hear about when selecting an aftermarket tire these days.

Remember, you have to live with this tire on a daily basis. Shorter sidewall tires decrease the rolling diameter of the OE tire/wheel combo resulting in more noise and vibration.

I have found that over the years customers really appreciate hearing that UPFRONT , rather than after they have bought tires that reduce the ride quality of the car.
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