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Originally Posted by CA06
Let me first start by saying I truly appreciate your service to this country back in ’91, and I can see that you are very passionate about this subject. Let me be so kind to clarify some points to your comments on what I said and your response..
By "this country" I did not mean the USA. I served for my birth country... That is why I am so emotional about the wars, because I experienced one...on my soil.

Originally Posted by CA06
…or making sure N Korea does not have the nukes, or making sure that Iran does not have the nukes, or who knows what else,...
Who do you think owns this problem? What do you suggest the U.S. do? Why does everyone think the U.S. owns the world’s problems, but when the U.S. steps in to do something we are hated for it.
Uhm...because we stuck our noses in every corner of the world. Now that our Gov't realized that it is not so easy and that we're stretched too thin, we ask "Why does everyone expect us to solve all World problems". Well, in the first place if we did not play the world policeman no one would expect that from us. Maybe, if we did not play so ignorant and tough the 911 would have never happened to us? Maybe those assh**es did that to us because of our foreign policy not because of some kind of jealousy that Bush first wanted us to believe...