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Originally Posted by roache007 View Post
Believe it or not i want the dead M3, luckily my uncle owns a body shop in New York and he can bring it back to life, its always been my dream to own a M3, especially that color combo. let me kno, the car is probably gone by now but jus asking. really appriciated. thanx!
Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
"My dad is a tv repair man, he's got this ultimate set of tools, i can fix it"-Jeff Spicoli
Metak, I saw this coming, especially given the reference way up on the thread, but damn it's still f'ing funny!

roache007, okay, so if you get the car we need to see it after it's brought back to life. Just as long as you don't paint it green, add bolts sticking out of the sides, put stitching marks on the hood, and add large heavy boots--er, wheels. And I certainly don't want to see pics of someone jumping around saying "It's alive! It's alive!" with lightning in the background either!

Seriously dude, all kidding aside, gotta see what can be done with what looks like a total loss. It would be kind of jaw dropping if it look okay and actually handled decently (not crabbing, etc.).