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Originally Posted by dr325i
First of all, this thread has nothing to do with our soldiers -- they are doing their job, the best they can and God bless them. Second, Bush is an IDIOT! Third -- Bush is a liar! Next -- I don't believe in the values our Gov't does, why would Iraqis??? 65% of US people do not believe in our Gov't beliefs, so...
Iraqi people did want freedom from Hussein, however, all they got is the occupation, so they are fighting it. It is clear to anyone that our occupation is NOT welcome over there. You watch FOX News and CNN videos on your TV in Cali and tell me how people love us for what we did. I watch the news in Europe, China, Japan, Korea, India (Business travels) and see the other, real side of the story.
So, if you can somehow persuade me that removing Hussein was more important than dealing with our internal problems, or making sure N Korea does not have the nukes, or making sure that Iran does not have the nukes, or who knows what else, I will stop calling Bush a liar and an idiot, otherwise...lets just hope not many of our kids (soldiers) and Iraqi innocent people loose their heads in the mess we created...
I like how you think you see the real side of the story from the news. Why don't you talk to the Iraqi folks dude, come on over here and then you can claim to get the "real story". Yeah there are a shitload of them that don't want us there, but there are also a whole lot of them that we are helping and that DO want us there. Granted, yeah the news over there doesn't have as much of the American bias, it still has its own in some way. Just don't think you know the real story cause you do business travel and watch other news dude. The news isn't everywere out here. In fact they only go to places they think are newsworthy. So until you get your ass out here, don't claim to know the real story.

CA06 said it best
"I don't have an answer to this mess, but, I know that we cannot cut and run. We are fighting a group that will never believe in the same values as our government, so this fight will continue no matter where our troops are, at home or abroad."
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