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Originally Posted by farbarg View Post
First, thanks Lucid, for this DIY. I had my dealer put my XP10's on (didn't have time or a jack before my track day), but saved a lot of money by removing them myself. Made me feel like I was mechanically inclined.

Second, my Carbotech's also had excess material in the space where the wear sensor goes. Just had to zip tie the sensor out of the way.

Finally, I second the recommendation to use a large pair of pliers to remove the clips. Wrap them so they don't scratch the brakes, and it makes removal very easy.
I have changed the pads on all my BMWs for a many years and have always followed a procedure similar to Lucid's.
Seems like removing the caliper is an un-necessary pain since the torque for the bolts is much higher.

I am on my 3rd track with the Carbotech XP10 and I think these are amazing track pads. They brake really hard, I could not noticed any fading after 30mins sessions and so far no warping issues (I am extra careful during my cooling laps to go slow and barely touch the brakes)

I am unsure why you need a large pair of pliers to remove the retaining clips. I find them extremely easy to remove with a simple semi-large flat head screwdriver: Just place the flat head under the middle section of the clip and push the clip outboard. Comes right off.

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