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Originally Posted by gr8000 View Post
Thanks for all the advise and generally for this very useful thread.

Two qns:
1. Will paggid and AP pads accomodate the wear sensor?
2. Assuming that iDrive shows estimated remaining life of brake pads (in km or miles) based on some sort of an algorythm, will the (gu)estimate be "correct" if the pads are changed to anything other than OEM (which have different coefficient of friction)?

Apologies for these being off topic as far as this DIY is concerned.
1. Pagids accomodate the wear sensor. Don't know about AP pads.

2. Assuming different compounds wear differently, it will probably be off. But if you drive on the track, the entire estimate approach goes out of whack quickly to begin with, so pad compound/wear issue is not the real issue then. You will have to visually check the condition of your pads and rotors rather than relying on the iDrive estimate, and the iDrive interval will most likely need to reset before service is due, etc. More on that in these threads: