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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
I advice you to check out many of the M3 Vs C63 threads including the recent M3 Gpower Vs thread that became a M3 Vs C63 thread. The above poster has been exposed (even by M3 owners) for his over bias smear campaign against the C63
You are an idiot! I have finally reported you to a moderator, egotistic C63 fanboi! All that was exposed in the thread were sheer limitations of your beloved C63. I have quoted everything backed with proper facts! Simply because they make a critical part of when both these cars are compared. Yet, you continue to insult me by attacking my credibility.

I have been taking the higher ground on you to keep things from escalating and disturbing peace on the board by ignoring the insults you write for too long attacking my credibility like a whiney fanboi just because I have written unfavorable facts about the C63 compared to the M3. I am entitled to my own opinions and not everyone has to agree with it. I would have put your foot in your mouth easily, if I wanted to. Moron!

I was not exposed by anything. EVERYTHING I WROTE WAS A FACT!!! I explicitly backed them up with proper source for everything. If someone does not agree with me then so be it. You can continue to attack my credibility all you want, but nothing changes the facts.

I was expressing my opinion based on my own experiences, my observations and the facts that support them and I completely entitled to do that.

- M3 DID run 8 seconds faster around Nurburgring faster than the C63 with the same tester on a different day.
- It does weigh 400 lbs more and I quoted proper sources with everything
- M3 has won just about every direct track test by a significant margin around a race track. Not a small one.
- M3 does have a much better chassis and weight distribution.
- C63 does heavily understreer/oversteer.

Most importantly, I have a decent amount of seat time in each of the cars so I concluded based on my own experience of driving both cars. Maybe I should make a video of myself in the cars to prove it. Right?

Do you need the sources again?? If this looks like a "bias" and you deny these then you are complete idiot and at the limit of being a biased fanboi. Not me!

If you are an egotisitic fanboi who does not like what I wrote then STFU! Don't keep chasing me around and trying to insult by attacking my credibility and making it a personal issue with me simply because all I did was "expose" only the inherent limitations of your beloved C63 and backed them up with facts.