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Originally Posted by naplese90 View Post
... Not long and we will have co2 tax and congestion charges, its coming. All based on the theory of global warming, which is vastly overstated, and based on science that is not sound.
I am continually saddened by such short sighted thinking. Sure it's correct that there is some debate as to what is actually happening but there is absolutely no denying that the world's climate is changing, that the human race could be causing it and having a detrimental impact on peoples lives around the planet. We are simply stripping the world of it's resources and whether this is related to global warming or not, it is not the right thing to do and is at the end of the day what is causing the hikes in oil prices and therefore everything else we buy. We should therefore be doing as much as we can to minimise our strain on the world's resources and hey, there are new industries and jobs being born out of it.