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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
Unless the speeds are less than 50 mph, you heard completely wrong. Night and day difference in turns. The track tests support that. Very significant difference between a heavy 4000 lbs car that likes to understeer/oversteer vs a 3600 lbs completely neutrally balanced car with a much more capable chassis.
I advice you to check out many of the M3 Vs C63 threads including the recent M3 Gpower Vs thread that became a M3 Vs C63 thread. The above poster has been exposed (even by M3 owners) for his over bias smear campaign against the C63 and CTS-V and false claims to have driven both for an hour on a test drive. Make the decision that you are best comfortable with. In the end its your money not anyone's on this forum. I taken many sharp turns at well over 50MPH and exited them with nothing but confidence. If the above claim was correct I be making this post from Heaven now.