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Just thought it'll be good to let everyone know, I was one of the first few to pull the strings on a Forgestar F14 Matteblack 19" wheel sometime back in March. I used it for the month of April and May - took it up to New York city twice and did a track session with it.

My steering wheel became shimmy at 65mph and I went down to my mechanic to get my wheels re-balanced. That's when I realized the front wheel has a slight bent and I suspect that is what that is causing the vibration when I drive. I might have bent it when I was driving through those vicious potholes in New York or maybe when I clipped a chicane up in NJMP, I'm not very sure when that happened.

I am away for the whole summer and I plan to fix the wheel and refinish them as well. Didn't think matte black was as nice of a color in person compared to pictures.

I'm not hating on forgestars, I think they make a great product with a fantastic price point but I thought it was only fair to give everyone a heads up.