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Originally Posted by TheRealDC View Post
I had this issue and had several local tyre fitters balance the wheels to 0. Finally, one of the folks spotted that there was play between the non-standard wheel and the hub i.e. they put wheel on car with one wheel bolt finger tight and there was vertical play. Solution was simply to buy hub centre rings as the wheels were designed for the slightly larger E39 5 series hub. If I hadn't been able to do this and resolve I was definitely going back to stock as I hated the shimmy and it irritated me immensely ....

It's somewhat surprising, to find out that the average wheel buyer is not aware that a large percentage of wheels are built to 1 'common' center bore diameter.

This is done to cut manufacturing costs for the wheel company, by making their standard center bore for the vehicle with the largest wheel hub. That means one car will have a direct hubcentric fitment (perfect), while all the other cars with that same bolt pattern will be forced to use hubcentric rings, in order to close that small gap.

If you don't do this, there is no way to properly center the wheel on the cars hub, creating a shaking sensation at speed.

Just another way we get screwed in the grand scheme of things...
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