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Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post
Yo, Johnny! I have updated the car that I am bringing. My in-laws are buying the Sorrento off of us - the economy has been pretty brutal on my family - so, I will be coming in our Subaru Legacy. It's puke-green in color so, you can't miss it!

I am not sure if I will be attending the drive after and I know I will not be meeting you guys in Eastgate since the event is literally 8 miles from my house, hehe.
The economic has been brutal to eveyone lo~ So I totally feel you Dont worry, I love Subaru. Our very first family car was going to the STi, but we didnt end up getting it. Caz my sister does not like them (girl) And then we ended up got the Toyota Camary, which I think it's alright.

I was hoping to see you at the Eastgate lo~ So we can get more people to taking the photoshoot and rolling shot. I always want a rolling shot. They look so damn hot.