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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
We live on just one planet; we can't go anywhere else. Why not try to reduce our impact? If anyone says anything about manliness, being a wuss, etc, then get over yourself.
I agree, I used to drive an E36 318is and loved it, the only time it felt down on power was in a drag race (my friend's mom's Honda Odyssey was quicker, for example) I'd go as far as saying my E90 is only 5% more fun in the twisties (despite being exponentially more fun in a straight line) than my E36 was.

I disagree with you guys saying it's sad that they're being forced to sell 4 cylinders, I believe the opposite is true. I actually don't even know which is more sad, the fact that car companies think you need a big engine to sell well in the United States or the fact that it actually seems to be true.