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It is sad, not because they are selling 4 bangers,,, I have a 91 318is and love it. Its sad because they are being FORCED to sell them,,, there is a big difference. Not long and we will have co2 tax and congestion charges, its coming. All based on the theory of global warming, which is vastly overstated, and based on science that is not sound. Things will change and someday, maybe 40 years from now we will remember when we could actually speed if we wanted to, and we drove performance cars. There will be a time when we wont have the freedom to choose if we want to take a risk and gun it off the line. If I owned an e90 m3 I'd hold on to it, it will be the only v8 m3 model ever. But, hopefully fuel cell tech explodes and we will have performance and effeicincy.

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