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Originally Posted by asdflkijd View Post
I'd like to see this on the track.. or better yet, drive it...
FYI, you don't 'drive' a bike. You ride it.

Originally Posted by spanishooligan View Post
nice bike but f--k the boxer motor, i mean hell have you seen how far that thing sticks out, that thing is nearly on the floor when going round corners fast.
I think he only gets his knee down cos he's streching.
You only get your knee down on Jap bikes when stretching, and the motor sticks out but can hit full lean without touching the ground. The motor itself is a blast to ride.

Originally Posted by Dieselino View Post
I love that bike but its waaaaay over priced.
It IS a BMW. BMW's are expensive bikes.

Originally Posted by Spool View Post
fuel pump gonna die on it while ur at full lean and cut power and ur gonna high side

Funny how the BMW fans become BMW haters when it turns to bikes. And for whoever said European bikes are overpriced and underpowered, look at the new S1000RR, starting at 14k (less than a Ducati, only slightly more than a run-of-the-mill Jap bike) with 187hp at the wheel, more than any other bike, period. Your statement is incorrect
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