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I am new to the M3 DCT car, but i have really yet to read about learing capabilities of the car. I know in some cars, like my old lexus 1999 GS400, if you drove lightly it would learn your pattern and therefore would make things accellerate smoothly rather than quickly, and so i had to unplug the battery so that it would relearn.

Does the M3 have some learning capabilities that might also add to the effect of the lag?

Anyone know any more depth about this?

Originally Posted by GT3 Tim View Post
I just got ISTA/P 2.33.0 installed and the lag is greatly reduced. It is basically "ok" now. I wouldn't mind driving it like this from now on.....the only time I noticed any lag was when the tranny was obviously involved in a downshift. Even at that, it was fairly short.

It is MUCH improved....but not perfect. I don't know if we can get much better?

I will report back on the lag over time as it may reappear as it could be related to adaptation (maybe why some have it and some don't).

Time will tell....but I got my fingers crossed.

Also, I have only driven it a short time and I will be out of town for 10 days now. So i wont have a chance to put any miles on it until August. I will report my observations when appropriate....