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Originally Posted by gr8000 View Post
Latest code I got on Tuesday was ISTA/P 2.34.005.
I just got ISTA/P 2.33.0 installed and the lag is greatly reduced. It is basically "ok" now. I wouldn't mind driving it like this from now on.....the only time I noticed any lag was when the tranny was obviously involved in a downshift. Even at that, it was fairly short.

It is MUCH improved....but not perfect. I don't know if we can get much better?

I will report back on the lag over time as it may reappear as it could be related to adaptation (maybe why some have it and some don't).

Time will tell....but I got my fingers crossed.

Also, I have only driven it a short time and I will be out of town for 10 days now. So i wont have a chance to put any miles on it until August. I will report my observations when appropriate....
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