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People in the US are obsessed with cylinder count and horsepower numbers. The higher, the better.. Who remembers Mazda 2.0 V6. Those cars sold a lot before people realized they were POS. Sure did get fooled by V6. You have to admit a lot of people in the US are very ignorant about cars and don't even know it. The assumption is V6 is more powerful that 4, and V8 is definitely more powerful than V6, all regardless of other factors, so manufacturers go and stuff in as many cylinders as they can get away with.

OT: But you hear the same crap about everything. Bigger = Better. I remember I was working on a project for one PD one time, and was amused by a ranging debate about 9mm vs .45. They wanted .45 but were issued 9mm. The argument was sort of like .45 = deader perp. I mean, 9mm = dead too, and I sure wouldn't want to get hit with it to try see what happens, all I know is I saw lots of stats, and 90% of the time some guy got nailed with 9mm he was dead and 100% of the time neutralized. I thought the purpose of the cops was to neutralize the threat not kill? The 9mm did the job 100% of the time, where .45 was kinda overboard. Yet the debate was heated. I think if .50 was light enough to lag around, they'd have been asking for that.

IMO bigger not always equals better. Biggie Mac not better than medium Mac. Biggie Mac = Fatter guy for sure, and I can't see how that is better. So back to engines, I am sure V8 not necessarily better than V6. A buddy of mine has a 540i and he was going on and on about how it will demolish my Tuned 335i as its only a puny 3.0 6cylinder compared to his big 4.0 V8. (Its old tech too, but I dared not go there..LOL) Needless to say, you know what happened.
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