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Originally Posted by dr325i
It was f**ked up before but nowhere near to what we did to it!
We should either pack up and leave and admit Bush's stupidity, or increase all available troops and clean the crap and then leave.
In both cases -- it is not what we planned to do initially and not what we were told in a first place...
You can't change what has already happened man, we are here, packing up and leaving would be the worst thing I feel. Yeah it would be nice for me I'd get to go home and not have to worry about this shit, but the result would fuck up the Middle East even more than it is now. Definitely have to manage to help them get some sort of stability before we leave.
Also about the draft there is no reason it would have to include females. I feel females should only be on a volunteer basis. Yeah some can fight and have some balls but not everyone. There are a lot that don't belong out here.
Not to mention how many end up pregnant out here hahah.
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