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Originally Posted by Driv3r
That war is not OUR war.....can we really go to war because "saddam is a tyrant, he tortures innocent citizens blah blah blah..."

What about china? are we invading them? how about N. Korea? they have admitted to TRYING to get their missiles to reach our shores...finally, have you guys ever read up on Africa's situation??

The American Government tries to act like they are doing this from the goodness of their heart.. they said they wanted to give Iraq "freedom, and liberties that we enjoy so much"......I could go on, and on..
All good points, but Bush (the Uniter) has divided the nation so bad that no one who supports him would even consider looking into the facts and questions. I disagree about the conspiracy stuff and 9/11, but cannot understand that Clinton almost got impeached for messing his marriage up, and this idiot is responsible for 3000 our soldiers dead and a half a million of innocent Iraqis dead.

When I came to this country in 1991, the USA was a symbol of power, freedom, success, other nations admired us.
This month, I was in Hong Kong and China and people are spittin on the USA and our political views. Currently, in India, cannot wait to hear comments here...

But I don't only blame Bush and current administration for the popularity decline of the USA. THe previous leader(s) have played dirty politics too -- Clinton has "tried" to help Albanians in Serbia in 1999, and promised Serbian people to rebuild their country when they turn in Milosevic. THey did it, Clinton's term is over, no one gives a shit about Serbia, we send them $100M in yearly help after we did about $70B in damages over there... And, Kosovo is a very nasty place after we put our hands in it.

Same for Iraq -- it was bad, but it is completely out of control today, and innocent people get the worst out of it.