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Add a modded Lotus Elise to that list. Turbo Elise = 400 hp in a 1900 lb car. Walks on most things. Used Elise = ~25-30K. Add 5-10K of turbo, intercooler, catch cans, and a charlieX tune and you've got an untouchable track and autox monster.

Good enough illustration of how stupid this thread is. My Exige S was a F-ing fighter jet with no amenities. I was happy to live with it and didn't mind the discomfort. The 135i I'm picking up tomorrow is luxurious AND quick. You buy a car because of the test drive, maintenance costs, drivetrain and chassis life, etc... Not because it can walk on other cars. Unless you're 16.

The only thing worse than car-penis contests is kill stories about drag racing on public roads. Go to a track and enjoy how comfy and fast your car is.