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Originally Posted by Captain Slow View Post
So, you didn't see the sticker before re-installing the ECU?

There wasn't one on mine, and I visually inspected mine before it went back in. I placed some strategically placed marks on the outside of my ECU before shipping, just so I would know if I got the same ECU I sent.
a local shop took it out, sent it out and reinstalled my ECU so I never got to see it at any point. I actually only found out about the sticker a few months later when another member posted a picture of their ECU and I then called Omar and asked if my ECU had this sticker too. I was told it sure did. I dont think they put it on anymore..but who knows?

Originally Posted by Ben335 View Post

Thank you for admitting fault. It takes a lot to do that, as many vendors, never do.

However, the problem remains. I NEED to get my ECU back. It was supposed to get here this morning and I still don't have it. It is now pushing into the 8th day now that my car is down. I will give it one more day. If my ECU does not show up tomorrow, Active will have to take steps to replace my ECU immediately.
Sucks.... sorry to hear that but Im sure AA will take care of you.
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