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Originally Posted by 0-60Motorsports View Post
My Fave M3 to date! I think when I buy my E90 M3 from the States I should take it over to VF and the bodyshop they used for FI and the same paint!
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Big props to VF and C and C ///
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B-E-A-utiful paint! Any thing that makes a car more like the Reventon is definitely a step in the right direction.

Oh, and more please.
thank you 0-60, Orange fever, and Anthony- For sure it is quite eye pleasing.

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Any estimate as to when this will be available for sale?
Chris, we have no ETA as of yet. As we are in the testing phases with the S/C M3. I can tell you that I drove it to the photoshoots and more. The car is readily responsive, and ready for more! We will announce all the upcomings and more when our VF E92 M3 is ready for release.