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Originally Posted by Trier Germany View Post
Did your 335 have RFT? I f so of course there going to feel un comfprtable!

335 18''s RFT versus M3 19''s ps2 = apples and oranges. Go drive an M3 with 18''s oh so comfortable on the road and on the track.

Plus tire manufacyures dont have a huge selection of competion tires in 19''s for the M3 only in 18''s.
Well, you can find R-Compound/competition tires in 19" such as the Pilot Sport Cup and the Pirelli P-Zero Corsa System (soon to be Pirelli Triumfo). Granted, not a huge collection but as far as I am concerned you only need one for our cars and this fit just fine in 19".

Also, I know the 20" wheels on the M3 leaves sooo little side wall that its difficult for the tire to morph into an appropriate contact area when g forces act on it, this is at least why 19" is better than 20". Now, how much improvement (other than comfort) there is from 19" to 18" I donīt know. There is also the matter of fitting large brakes and not many 18" wheels will allow fitment of competition brakes.