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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
wouldn't say it a total gimick but the sugar in most drinks are not needed. Electrolyte itself has the ingredients that is essential to your neurons and muscles. Na,Ca,and P are important chemicals for muscle efficiency. Yes water is important for rehydrating but I'm asking about electrolytes which more revolves around a energy boost.
Good water has mineral content in it i.e. Evian and Fuji. You can always add Celtic Sea Salt to water to boost mineral/electrolytes content.

How did our ancestors survive and have energy without these "energy" drinks?

Originally Posted by Couch View Post
+1 to what Johnny said. No gimmick in gatorade, of course they could use less sugar just like everything else. The people who shouldn't drink it is people who just drink it as a that's a bad idea. Now whomever is drinking MM as a intra-workout protein shake....

And I drink over a gallon of water before I even hit the gym so a little gatorade isn't offsetting shit for me.
Ready to drink gatorade has high fructose corn syrup in it. It is FAR from a sports performance drink now a days.