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Hahah this country (Iraq) is so fucked no matter what we do. If we reduce the number of troops we will be screwing over the guys left there, so that would rule out #1 and #2. If they want to send more people over here, they better start the draft back up and all yall who are too scared to come out here better shut the fuck up about not wanting to. I'm all for hightailing it out of Iraq and doing a complete FOD walkdown on Afghanistan to finally find Osama and kill his ass, on video of course. As far as Iraq, I guess I value American life way more than theirs, so I guess getting their dumbasses all trained up to fight their own fight would be best. Then go home and watch them kill each other until the best party wins! I could care less if it was a democratic govt or not though, that is the problem with our government, trying to spread democracy all over the world.
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