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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
wow.... just... wow...

i love it when someone has a S500 and puts AMG lol

the thing is, the dealer puts AMG on a non-AMG engine car if you get the AMG package (rims/suspension, basically just not the makes an AMG: the engine)

i love how the M is in the front lol
Same with BMW when you get Msport package you get the //M badge on the parts (steering wheel and shift knob) just not on the rear of the car like MB does with the AMG badge...
Some chicks don't even know the difference I swear, I knew this chick who bought a E550 with the AMG package and told me she got an E class AMG, I was so disapointed when I actually saw the car... It had badges and everything .. MB = Fail

That guy with the MIni is my neighor by the way
Wonder if I should say something to him !!