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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
Bummer on that, they have always seemed pretty good to me but I haven't brought in a heavily modded M3

What happens with the shifting? What are all the symptoms?
It's very rough shifting into first and second, sometimes third, and makes a grinding noise when shifting fairly often.

Originally Posted by Brianrg View Post
11km joy ride, shocking!
I recommend taking it Tunerworks and ask for Bobby.
They have a lot of experience with cars like yours.
BMW should have been able to figure this out.
Seems fairly straight forward.
I hated my stock shifter.
Pretty happy with my UUC SSK.
Tunerworks can't help with a warranty issue, it needs to be done at a BMW dealer.

Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
11 km seems high, I would expect 5-8 km if they were looking for the problem.

You gotta call the service manager and give him the story. Nothing will change and you will not get the solution unless you being it up.

I know we all bitch about the service sometimes but if shit goes wrong it is even more important to talk to the management there.

You got your car there didn't you?

I did get my car there, as well as the one before, and I will definitely be speaking to the service manager on Monday.

Also I forgot to add that when I dropped my car off I was at a specific song on my iPod, with the stereo turned off, and when I turned it on yesterday after picking up my car it was on Vibe 98.5 and really loud too. I guess blasting music is an essential part of BMW test drives.