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Originally Posted by darkcloud

From a statistical standpoint OSU is the easy #1 choice, . Again you're off your block. Please re-read everything and let it marinate.
Haha. This is going to be a great title game. If its OSU vs USC, I'm calling USC to knock off your "hometown 'bucks."

Notable impressive victories are against Texas, and I'll give you Michigan since they are your rivals, but even they aren't that impressive.

Outside of those two games, what have you shown? Bowling Green, Cincinatti, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan State, even Penn State are all garbage teams that USC or Florida would have strolled through as well.

Unfortunately I've been watching too much NFL and that has skewed my judgement of the level of play of opponents in college football.

Ohio fans are the ones always getting feisty over their teams, I'm sitting cool on my block. But its understandable seeing that OSU is the one saving grace of all sports to that state, so they have to hold onto anything they can get.

Oh wait, maybe LeBron will single handedly bring them a title or Ocho Cinco can do it all himself..... (two amazing players)