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Originally Posted by AbaundvrM3 View Post
I was able to hit a huge tuner show at Hockenheimring and there was alot of cars painted that way...AMGs, Tech Art and alot of the big time vendors are doing paint similar here in Germany. I must say it looks WICKED! I'm loving that blower under the the hood, very nice with a Vortech. Did you look at using a Procharger PS-1 self contained unit? That would make a supercharged system much easier for a DIY person like me without the need for running oil lines to the unit. Congrats on the beautiful car!
VF Engineering is using a Vortech V3 supercharger (which has a self-contained oiling system), so there is no need to use a Procharger PS-1.

Superchargers with a self contained oiling system, are very beneficial from an installation standpoint, and it reduces the chances of an engine oil leak.

Many years ago, Paxton actually invented the first "self-contained" supercharger with a planetary gear drive system that required no external lubrication source.

Since then, other supercharger manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon. Vortech and Paxton are actually technology partners , so it's not surprising to see this advanced technology migrate over to the Vortech product line.

Vortech engineers have now improved on the basic technology, by discarding the 'old school' planetary-drive transmission. Planetary gears actually limit your internal impeller speeds, so your boost and power potential are both capped at lower threshold.

When Paxton first released their early self-contained Paxton superchargers, they had trouble dissipating heat because of the planetary-drive system. They would overheat at higher boost levels and that ultimately limited their HP and TRQ at high rpms.

To cure this on the new generation self-contained oil reservoir superchargers, Vortech engineers stepped in and designed a gear-driven transmission that eliminated the heat buildup associated with a planetary-drive system.

The gear-driven Vortech V3 supercharger can now deliver not only greater power potential for a small-frame supercharger, but it can also do this with exceptional reliability.

I have attached a few pics, for those of you who have seen the inside of a supercharger...
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