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Originally Posted by typerlover
I would say the same about OSU. Whipping on teams like Indiana all year, and one win against another overrated Michigan team.

No doubt about it Florida should be in the title game. Winning everywhere in the SEC except against Auburn, who is no slouch. And I guarantee you they would beat OSU also.

Actually, I wouldn't mind a florida vs USC title game.
1. Notre Dame is nothing special. That was proven last year when OSU kicked their asses easily.

2. OSU's schedule is no weaker than Florida's or USC's. OSU played 2, #2 teams this season and beat both. Did Florida or USC do that? All 3 teams beat 4 teams in the top 25. I don't care what anyone says, the SEC is no better than the Big Ten. I went the the Bama v. Tenn game this year and both teams looked like shit. I felt like I was watching the Browns play some college football. Thank god those tickets were free.

3. You're nuts they would beat OSU. They don't have the weapons to put enough points on the board to keep up with OSU's offense. Even IF it came down to a shooting match theirs no way in hell Florida or USC for that matter can continuously stop Smith(The Heisman winner), Ginn, Gonzalez, Pittman, Wells, Hartline, or Hall just to name a few. OSU's D is also extemely solid with many guys who are going to be around for 1-2 more years.

Originally Posted by C4S4SS
So it is USC's fault that beat Notre and get praised? USC didn't do the praising, they just beat Notre Dame soundly. What other team has beat as many top 25 teams as USC?
See #1 and #2 for your answers. To go into more depth OSU beat 4 top 25, 3 of which were top 15, not to mention 2 #2's. Floirda beat 4 top 25, all 4 were top 15. USC also beat 4 top 25, only 1(Notre Dame) was in the top 15, plus you lost to unranked Oregon State. Floirda's only loss came to Auburn who was #11 at the time. Michigans only loss was to OSU, who only played 2 top 25 teams.

From a statistical standpoint OSU is the easy #1 choice,
Originally Posted by typerlover
Actually, I wouldn't mind a florida vs USC title game.
. Again you're off your block. Please re-read everything and let it marinate.

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