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This has got to be a troll. Nobody could be so blatantly self-centered.
okay you know what, i dont care what you guys think of my maturity. I am going to get one either way.
If the OP was seriously interested in learning the difference between the two cars, they would not have posted it this way from the beginning. Doesn't make sense.

I have been giving a life where my parents can afford and want to buy me this car. I even have asked them why they want to buy me this car and they just say because. I never asked for them, I was offered and why should i turn it down?
Why don't you ask them? What kind of relationship do you have with them?

Okay, on a more positive note, a local kid here just returned Thursday from sailing around the world solo. He's only 17. The youngest to ever do it so far. His parents were very supportive (and nervous about the trip) but thought it would be a really positive experience. And to learn to depend on nobody but yourself (and he bought the boat with his own money.)

The kid did a press conference and he sounds like a solid person for a 17 year-old. He said it's changed his whole view of life and the world. It took him 13 months.

Kid's name is Zac Sunderland (from Thousand Oaks, CA) Very cool.,3460856.story