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Originally Posted by ScheerSpeed View Post
I have the standard crappy soun in my e90. I fel like I need something better, however the most I want to spend would be $1000. I would do all the work myself so don't count any labor cost in.

The problem is I don't even know where to start when it comes to car audio. another thing is I can't take up any space in the trunk because I need all. The space in my trunk.

Can anyone help me out with picking out some parts I could get like speakers/amp/ subs that I could order and install myself? I would also like to just keep the subs under the seats but just upgrade them. Also could you let me know where I can buy all of the parts?

Thanks for any help!

- JL Audio G6600 6-channel amp:
- SWS-8 (2), 2 ohms:
- try to get this used Hybrid Ovation 4" component set without crossovers: for your front doors. The seller is asking for $200 but you could offer a little less; you can get the crossovers either later (maybe a Miami installer could have an used set of those Morel crossovers available from a past installation), get a different crossover or try the OEM caps installed in your current front OEM speakers with the Morel tweeters and see if you like the sound.
- JL Audio wire-to-RCA cables (2):
- connectors, 4 gauge cables

Total: around $850 with shipping charges, not including the crossovers.

The amp can be installed under your rear deck or you can try installing it under the trunk false floor, it may fit with some wiggling.

That should do it for your budget.