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If some on this post believe its a stereotype that 17 yr old drivers aren't as mature or experienced to drive a 400 hp car on public roads, lets go look at the business facts.

Anyone who has car insurance knows that the car premium on the same car for an 17 yr old driver will be much higher then for say a 37 yr old driver. Is it due to a stereotype or for the fact that insurance companies look at the stats and the averages and they know that the odds are much higher that the 17 yr old will be in an accident sooner or later. And when its a car with sporty traits like a cayman s or an m3, the premium for an 17 yr old driver will be sky high.

Yes, we all know that any car, with any driver behind the wheel can be in a serious accident. But lets all be honest on this board and say what is the truth, when you drive a car with that much hp, years of experience in driving motor vehicles and maturity are the two greatest factors needed for safe motoring. Giving a 17yr old (which I presume will be his/her first car) a car with that much power is just a really really bad idea.

As someone else wrote on this post, a 17 yr old will have many years to get into an M3 or Cayman s later on. Its definitely more sensible to drive a less powerful car now and first get some years of experience on the road. My two cents.