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Originally Posted by Phoenix 21st View Post
The software is complete and the version is I told them i was expecting 2.34.005 and expressed my concerns but they told me the module for dct is in this update as well. It seems to make sense when u read the SB because it mentions target intergration 2.33.1. I am unsure where the 2.34.005 is from.

The car is still in the garage for the ignored down shift request and they are swapping steering wheels today to see if it helps.
Yes, my bad, just re-read the SIB and the DCT 'fix' was from 2.33.

When you get the car back, please let us know how the lag feels...
It's arrived, e93 M3 Convertible: M-DCT, JzB / extended BB, and most of the options.