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Originally Posted by typerlover
Shame USC gets a free pass into this title game.

Notre Dame is absolute garbage and so overrated its ridiculous. To think USC got so much praise for whipping on an average team.

I would say the same about OSU. Whipping on teams like Indiana all year, and one win against another overrated Michigan team.

No doubt about it Florida should be in the title game. Winning everywhere in the SEC except against Auburn, who is no slouch. And I guarantee you they would beat OSU also.

Actually, I wouldn't mind a florida vs USC title game.
Sec is toughest conference with so many teams in the top ten from week 1 to week 13. The florida second quater back is tough (tebo - spl?). I like to see another matchup of florida and lsu. No need to cry over spilled milk but lsu had some tough officiating calls against them this season.
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