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Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
So it looks like $160-180 may be the reasonable price for an oil change on the M3.

Btw, I'm planning on getting an oil change done every 5k miles.....For sure.
I'm with you. And no, I don't think I know more than the engineers and yes I think it's probably not necessary. But I'll do it myself at 7,500 mile intervals or so for about 120 dollars.

I'll concede Bikerjoy's point that the service intervals are probably fine--but with 60K+ on this car it's a cheap prescription to let me snooze in comfort. Really. I'd worry. Silly, perhaps, but that's me on this topic. With most things I'm data-driven but on this one I'll concede it's an "emotional" decision. Oh well, I guess I'll have to give up my Spock Award.

In any case, in terms of cost, I've spent far more than I'll ever spend on "additional oil changes" on mods (tint, clearbra, matte black this and that, air filter swap, eventually exhaust). Compared to a few hundred dollars on this over the life of the car is nothing. I mean geez, have you looked at tire prices lately?