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Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
Nice work dood^^

Lookin more trimmed up in the after pics.
Thanks, man. I'm getting happy with the way things are working out. I haven't been on supplements this whole time so I just bought some Whey w/ Leucene (Wheybolic Extreme 60) which I've used in the past and loved. It helps with strength, size, and recovery, so now that I'm leaning up it's time to add some bulk.

Originally Posted by drift90 View Post
Spec 1,

Whats your goal?
Really to get in the best shape of my life. I have 2 things working against me: 1) I work in an office, so I get practically no excercise during the day, and 2) I ride motorcycles, and major crashes w/ 4 wk recovery periods keep sending me right back to the start, no muscle/weight. Blah.
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