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Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post
i think before this goes any further we should establish what we should call this situation...

the original poster is calling it "lock up" but what i think he means is its trying to lock up.... of course ABS pulsing the tire does actually lock up for a hundredth of a sec or so.. but I personally dont call that lock up...

Noone should actually be able to LOCK UP any of their tires unless they get a ABS fault and the system fails... That still might not be the case because I'm even pretty sure i had ABS fault light on my dash after Dynoing my car and went out and tried to lock up a tire to see if it was totally off and ABS still cycled....
I agree that what we are discussing is not all that clear. We all agree that none of the wheels will lock up due to braking torque. However, one should be able to lock the drive wheels up via the transmission during a downshift with a manual transmission. I suspect it might be possible to do that with DCT as well in some modes, but that is just speculation on my part as I haven't driven it on a track.