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Originally Posted by jun View Post
who needs a 6 pack when they've got a keg?

what kind of supplements are yall taking?

i'm basically on just whey, multi, bcaas, and omega.
Take a whey, which has bcaa's, multi and a cutting supplement now.

Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
Wow, only 140 lbs?! Looking good, man. Must have a pretty low body fat %. Single digit I'm thinking for the abs to be shown.
Yup, with single digits comes six pack, usually.

Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
Anybody ever have forearm pain when doing certain workouts, like preacher curls?

For ex, I usually do like 55 lb preacher curls (including bar), maybe 15-20 reps. When I let down the weight, I get this SHARP pain in my forearms. Hurts pretty bad. I don't think it's because the weight is too heavy since I can do 20 reps no problem, it's just the pain that is slowing me down.
Never had forearm pain but my wrists hurt with preachers, to the point where I couldn't write with a pen the next day. I invested in a nice set of wrist guards and it worked out perfectly. I got up to 125lbs on the preacher without ANY pain in wrists or forearms. Try giving some wrist guards a try.

Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
Doesn't take that long at all man. I gained around 10 lbs in muscle in about 2 months. Now I think I'm sort of at a plateau..but then again I stopped taking protein so maybe that's why.
Try changing up your workout routine, that's usually the main reason for a plateau. Try hitting heavier weights for example, rather than the weights you were used to working out with and that should give you somewhat of a better edge.