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Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
Stop fanboying guys.

No need to say which one is better.
We all know they are great automobile makers, one aim towards for luxury and power, the other aim towards agility and spirit.

MB does it's best job in prime market by providing seamless model lines packed with luxury and comfort, and feed power and status symbol hungry people with AMG.
There's no doubt about them being #1 in that catagory under mass production company.

And BMW is more towards the younger people who can glorify its image by turning them into enthusiasts. There's no doubt BMW does its best by producing great luxury daily driver with most fun factors. And ///M delivers that sheer excitements regulars models lacks.

There's no need for debate here, we just take the fruit we want more. If you like the sour, take the lemon, if you like the sweet, take the watermelon.
damn this guy is good

i love german cars