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Shocking, shocking beyond belief. Car is in today for software update (ista/p although the number was not 2.34.005 that we know about. From memory he was quoting 2.33 and no third field i.e. 005.

Car was in last week for ignored downshift request (for 2nd time) and software update. Engineers say they couldn't replicate the issue and therefore did nothing. A week before i took the car in i gave them the SIB no and the ista/p no. so they were completely informed.

At 10am i called for an update - told that technician is currently evaluating the car. I would receive a call when they complete.

at 1pm i call and ask again as no one has called and get told the car has no problems after looking at it for 2 hours. I was realled f*cked off! told them that Sytner understand the problem and said i would call them.

straight away i called Sytner who understood and would do the update without me having to prove the problem

Called my dealer back and before i could say anything they said 'oh good news Mr .. our dealer principal has the same car as you and it HAD the same issue but we fixed it with the new software! but its late now and wont be able to do your car today now!' You can imagine how i felt now.

Booked car back in for Thursday (today). Spoke to customer services on Monday to say how i felt. Was told i would get a call from the service manager that day! - Nothing

Called Tuesday to say i not received call - told i would get a call in the afternoon - Nothing

Same thing Wednesday - so drove to the dealer to ask what is going on - told, sorry Mr .. i've been busy!

Discussed all the issues and told how forums know less than bmw staff, and also asked for a technician to go out with me. Ignored down shifts as i drove and missed gear when Technician drove.

Service manager took the technicians opinion as fine and agreed to do the work.

We shall see, although i dont see why i need to go through this when the problem is they supplied me with a car that is faulty.