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Originally Posted by themetz View Post
Hooray - booked in for my update !

Local dealer service department wanted me to go for test drive with technician to experience problem first hand etc etc, but flashed the SIB below (featured earlier in this thread - thanks Steveo!! ) at them and they scuttled off and agreed between them that the UK had the same update!!

Good luck with that. Unfortunately we're not all so lucky in our neck of the woods. Our local dealership is extremely uninformed regarding this issue and Phoenix 21st has had terrible aggravation trying to get them to address it... apparently "you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet" and "our master technicians know far more than posters on an internet forum" - he's still waiting for his car to be updated successfully. I'll have to wait until then before booking mine in.
It's arrived, e93 M3 Convertible: M-DCT, JzB / extended BB, and most of the options.