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Originally Posted by blue2fire View Post
This is only my point of view:

Mercedes S Class: The Best Car money can buy.
BMW 7 Series: Exists to fill a gap in the market.

SLK: Supremely good looking and they shoehorn a V8 in if you want to pay extra.
Z4: Latest one a copycat (not very convincing)

SLS: Will stand alone.

CLS: Will stand alone.

E Class: Respectability that the 5 Series can only dream about.
5 Series: Driven by losers.

C Class: Useless
3 Series: Sublime, BMW only exists to provide us a new one every six years. (EDIT: Only hampered by cheap build quality)

ML: The original Luxury SUV.
X5: Pointless, why would you buy an SUV that promises a good driving experience? It'll only play second fiddle to a normal car no matter what they do to it.

X3: Reserving judgement till the next one comes along.
GLK: Reserving judgement till i see the next X3. Does look like it was shaped by Attilla though.

6 Series: C-
E Class Coupe: Sophie Ellis Bextor (YMMV)

SL: Ultimate status Symbol.
Z8: Ultimate fail machine. Bond couldn't help it.

Judgement: Stick to the people who invented the car, just avoid the horrid C Class.
get to the mercedes forums and if you own a bmw sell it immediately if not sooner
some italian, german, and japanese ones; and on order more of the same