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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
what shutter speed are you guys using?

I have a 17-50mm 2.8, and been trying to use 1/25 and shots wont come right. Any suggestions?

I'm new to the forums, but have been into photography for a while.

It depends on what focal range you're shooting, but a general rule to follow, is 1/<focal range> at minimum. So..if you're shooting at 17mm, you should be ok but at 50mm your shutter isn't fast enough.

To compound the issue further, if you're using a crop body sensor, you need to take your focal range times your crop. For instance.

A Canon 50D has a sensor crop size of 1.6. So with a standard EF lens at 17mm, you're actually shooting at an effective range of 27.2mm, so your shutter still isn't fast enough. This doesn't take into account shooting from a moving car either, so you will want even faster for that. Might have to sacrifice some noise and bump up your ISO.